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Innovative and creative art lessons in drawing and painting are designed for students from 5-17 years and adults.  All Art classes meet at my home studio in Frisco, TX.  To see the schedule and to register for classes that meet throughout the year go to:  Registration Art Classes

  • The class location is within minutes from Plano, Allen, Little Elm, and McKinney TX.
  • Classes meet one hour, once a week, with a total of 32 classes in the calendar year.
  • Art 1 classes meet for 1.25 hours each week. Art 2-3 meets 1.5 hours each week.

Holiday breaks are the same as the area public schools.

Classes include:

  • Drawing and Mixed Media 1 and 2 for Children 5-8 years

Classes begin each lesson with drawing and finish with color in tempera, watercolor, markers, or pastels. Children learn basic drawing skills, and  painting techniques.

  • Intermediate Classes for Children 9-12 years

Children are introduced to more advanced drawing skills in the first semester.  Drawing lessons include: pencil, charcoal, oil and soft pastel, and colored pencil.  Students learn values of tone and shading.  Different techniques are used for blending of light and dark tones and colors.  In the second semester, students are introduced to color/color schemes and painting in watercolor, tempera, and acrylic.

  • Intermediate 2/Art 1 for students 10-12 years

More advanced students in this middle level are ready for skills of the Art 1 class.  Students focus on drawing of values and shading, portrait, still life, animals and perspective.  Second semester students study color, color schemes and painting.  Paintings are done in watercolor, tempera and acrylic on canvas.

  • Art 1 for Teens

Art 1 is for students from 13-17 years old.   The first semester students focus on drawing values of tone and shading with various media.  Some projects include portrait, still life, animals, and perspective.  Students learn about color and color schemes the second semester.   Painting is done in watercolor, tempera, and acrylic on canvas the second semester.

  • Art 2-3 for Teens

Art 2-3 focuses on more advanced skills including composition in realistic as well as abstract art.  Students are introduced to more advanced drawing skills and they are encouraged to make their own creative decisions regarding their artwork.  Students study various artists and art movements to create final drawings and paintings. 

For a complete syllabus, click on “Contact” in the main top menu.  I would be glad to send you the course explanation and goals.

  • Painting for Adults

Adults will enjoy lessons in Landscape and Floral in acrylic painting.  The class workshop meets 3 days for 2 hours each day.  Great instruction with stimulating projects.





Impossible Shape

Impossible Shape

   Students in Art 2 learned how to blend colors in acrylic paint.  They used complementary colors or opposites on the color wheel to create darker values of color.

Moose Abstract

Moose Abstract

The Drawing and Mixed Media class for 6-8 years completed beautiful watercolor abstract paintings of a moose. Art Classes Drawing and Mixed Media Drawing and Mixed Media 2 Intermediate Intermediate 2 Intermediate 2/Art 1 Art 1 Art 2-3 Adult Art Classes...



The Art 1 teens Drawing classes includes drawing with scratching tools on scratch board.  The boards are black the the scratch marks are white.  Students use soft or harder strokes to create the white.  Stokes also follow the form including direction of...

Rodeo Painting–Art 1

Rodeo Painting–Art 1

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