Art Classes-Fees

Art for Children and Teens-32 classes

Fees for full year of one hour classes for children

  • Registration fee-$25
  • Tuition fee-$585
  • Supply fee-$50
  • Total=$660
  • At registration you are paying the first and last month’s fees ($130) and the supply fee ($50).  If you sign up after classes start, a $25 registration fee is added to the total.
  • Your remaining tuition fee for 32 classes is then paid monthly.  A tuition payment of $65 is due the first week of each month.  Your first tuition payment is due in October.
  • You also have the option to pay the total fees for the year at registration.
  • The Art 2-3 class is longer at 1.5 hours and the fees are slightly more.  Tuition is $720 for the year.
  • Cancellations and Refunds:  Because classes are small and your seat has been held for the class, only a partial refund will be issued if you cancel 3 weeks or less before the class starts.  No refunds will be issued for absences.  See policy for student absences below.
  • Student Absences:  Students may make-up classes by arranging a class time during the week other than their regularly scheduled class.  The teacher will arrange for the student to attend another weekly class time.  Two make-up weeks are also added to the end of the year in May.
Art for Children-16 classes
Fees for 1 semester of one hour classes for children
  • Registration fee-$25
  • Tuition fee-$300
  • Supply fee-$25
  • Total=$350
  • Payments may be made by the month, but the first and last month’s fees and supply fee are due before the first class.

Summer Classes for children and teens

  • Tuition $100
  • Supply fee $15
  • Total=$115

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