Summer Class Descriptions

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Painting Classes

Animals and Patterns, 5-8 years
Three 2 hour classes, $115

Animals have the most diverse and beautiful patterns from fur to scales.  Create your own patterns while leaning how to draw and paint everything from owls to tigers.  Create masks and enjoy paper, paint, and pens.

Expressive Painting 9-12 years  
Three 2 hour classes, $115

Young artists will be using a vast array of color in tempera, acrylic, watercolor paint or pastels to create their images.  Contour line and shapes will be emphasized as the students design vivid color images.

Yellow Rose, age 10

Watercolor Painting 9-12 years or Teens
Four, 1.5 hour classes, $115

Students explore various watercolor techniques and color combinations.  They will complete a 1-2  watercolor paintings requiring the use of various techniques.

Student painting of Van Gogh Floral

Teens Acrylic Painting
Three, 2 hour classes, $125

Teens will learn acrylic techniques and color mixing.  Students will then complete a floral painting.  The students will work on a stretched canvas.

Drawing Classes

Drawing and Mixed Media 5-8 years  
Three, 2 hour classes , $115

This class will teach students the fundamentals of line drawing, pattern, shape, value, and depth.  Children will apply techniques in pencil, marker, oil pastel, painting and collage.

Expressive Drawing 9-12  years
Four 1.5 hour classes or Six 1 hour classes, $115

Students will learn how to take their art beyond basic line drawing and express themselves with visually striking images.   They will study concepts such as light and shadow, pattern, and color while utilizing pencil, charcoal, marker, and pastel.

Tiger Drawing, age 12

Pre-Teens Drawing 12-14 years
Four 1.5 hour classes, $115

Students who are ready to move on to advanced skills in drawing will tackle light and shadow, textures, and color.

Teens Drawing 13-17 years
Four, 1.5 hour classes or Three, 2 hour classes, $115

Expand and perfect your artistic skills in a 3 or 4 day class session.  Explore skills in shading, texture, and color in various drawing media.  Learn skills in charcoal portrait, and colored pencil drawing.

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