Summer Class Descriptions

To register for Summer Drawing Classes go to: Summer Drawing Classes

To Register for Summer Art Camps or Painting Classes go to: Summer Art Camps and Painting

Painting Classes

Animals and Patterns, 5-8 years
Three 2 hour classes, $115

  • Create your own patterns while leaning how to draw and paint owls or tigers. 
  • Create masks and enjoy paper, paint, and pens.

Expressive Painting 9-12 years  
Three 2 hour classes, $115


Young artists create with a vast array of color in tempera, acrylic, or watercolor.

Great Artist Painting Adventures
3 Two hour classes $115


  • Students will create a painting by observing various artist’s work 
  • Media is watercolor or tempera paint.

Teens Acrylic Painting
Three, 2 hour classes, $120

  • Teens will learn acrylic techniques and color mixing
  • Painting is either on board or canvas
Drawing Classes

Drawing and Mixed Media 5-8 years  
Three, 2 hour classes , $115

  • This class will teach students the fundamentals of line, pattern, and shape. 
  • Children will apply techniques in pencil, marker, oil pastel, painting and collage.

Expressive Drawing 9-12  years
Four 1.5 hour classes or Six 1 hour classes, $115

  • Students will learn how to take their art beyond basic line drawing and express themselves with visually striking images.  
  • They will study concepts such as light and shadow, pattern, and color.

Young Artists Drawing Workshop 10-13 years
3 Two hour classes $115

  •  Students who are ready to move on to advanced skills in drawing will tackle light and shadow, textures, and color.

Sharpen Your Pencils Quick Draw 1&2  9-11 years
3 One hour classes (Option to register for just one or two weeks) $60

Student explore skills in shading, texture, and color in various drawing media.

Expressive Draw/Paint/Collage, 9-12 years
3 Two hour classes $120

Students will explore all kinds of media, including paint, foil, and collage in this class.  Be ready to express your creative inner artist!

Teens Drawing 13-17 years

Wow! Learn pastel drawing techniques.  Update your skills in an amazing, blending, spontaneous drawing media.


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