Drawing One-Point Perspective

The Intermediate class created different geometric forms in perspective and added another element of surprise.

Art Classes 2017

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Matisse Goldfish

Matisse Goldfish in Watercolor. Great Work from the 5-8 year old classes                    

Owls in Pastel

Intermediate students, 9-12 created beautiful owls in pastel.  They started with a small cropped picture and drew a larger owl by using a grid.  Textures of the feathers were added with pastel.

The Dragon’s Eye

New Art work from the Intermediate class, the Dragon’s Eye in Colored Pencil. From the art lesson “Eye of the Dragon” by Claudia Loubier

Art 2

The Art 2 class paints Acrylic on canvas.  They were to select a portrait as their subject and use abstract shapes for all dark, mid, and light shadows.

Pencils Transformed

The Art 1 class used pencils to contour their drawings in Pencil Transformations of animals.  We enjoyed all the interpretations.      

Intermediate Art 9-12 years

Intermediate students painted Mexican Suns in Watercolor.  They created their own radial designs and drew realistic faces.

Art 1 for Teens

Teens showed their talent by drawing animals in scratch board.  Marks are made by scratching into a black surface creating white marks

Teens Art Classes

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