Open Window Art Lesson

Intermediate students created landscapes in an open window and applied their knowledge of color schemes to paint the image.    

Cezanne Still Life-Intermediate Art

The Intermediate class, 9-12 years studied the still life of Cezanne and learned how to use oil pastels in the process.

Intermediate Art–Flowers

The Intermediate class just finished their large flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keefe. They used a grid to enlarge their flowers and then added color in dark, mid-tone, and light oil pastel.     

Oil Pastel Drawing

The Intermediate Drawing class created beautiful Banyan Trees with exquisite backgrounds in oil pastel.

Pop Art Dogs

While first looking at the Pop artists, students in the Intermediate 2 class (for 10-12 years) painted dogs in bright colors using a color scheme.

Greek Pottery 9-12 years

The Intermediate class 9-12 years incorporated their great drawing skills in creating Greek Pottery.  

Painting Power-Teens Art Lessons

The Art 1 class created beautiful paintings of animals.  Using a color scheme with bright colors created powerful work.

Drawing One-Point Perspective

   The Intermediate art class created different geometric forms in perspective and added another element of surprise.

Owls in Pastel

      Intermediate students, 9-12 created beautiful owls in pastel.  They started with a small cropped picture and drew a larger owl by using a grid.  Textures of the feathers were added with pastel.

The Dragon’s Eye

Art work from the Intermediate class, the Dragon’s Eye in Colored Pencil. From the art lesson “Eye of the Dragon” by Claudia Loubier