Art Lessons

Art Lessons

Learn By Doing

Students hear and see a presentation and practice drawing skills.  They may learn about an artist’s work and study blending or other techniques.  Their final drawings are finished with either watercolor, acrylic, or tempera paint.

Drawing and painting

Students create art work using artists quality tools. Colored pencils, paint, and good paper are important to the quality of work that each student produces.




Art Classes

Art Classes are grouped by age or skills.  Some students who are ready for more advanced work may proceed to a higher level.


Drawing and Mixed Media 5-8 years

Drawing and painting skills are employed in this class.  Students practice drawing the subject, complete a final drawing and finish in pens, paint or paper. 

Intermediate Art 9-12 years

Students concentrate on drawing skills using pencils, charcoal, pastel, and colored pencil.   The second semester of study concentrates on color using tempera, watercolor or acrylic  paint.

Art 1/Art2

Students in these classes are pre-teens and teens.  They observe art movements and famous artist’s work.  Drawings are done in various media, combining their skills with the discovery of new concepts in the art process.

Online Art Classes

Sharing art presentations on-line has brought an alternate method of teaching art to today’s students.  By reaching those who are unable to attend an art class, many more can enjoy the process of art.

Art Projects

Students create a variety of art work in drawing and painting.


These subjects can be drawn or painted, made realistic or abstract, created with ink, pencil, pastel, or collage.

Landscapes and Perspective

Abstract or realistic, these subjects can offer a new way to create art on a flat surface.

Still Life or Floral

A staple for all artists, these subjects allow students to learn how to create dark and light values.

Animals and Birds

A favorite for all my students, birds and other animals are special subjects

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